Warranty policy

Our Warranty Policy

Refund Guarantee

If you didn't receive your ordered product, We would fully refund to you. In other case, your received product is significantly or partially different to the description, we guarantee to refund your payment fully or partially.

Guaranteed Period

You can submit the request of refund up to 3days after your order completed. You can open dispute per order by calling +855768805888/+855968805888.

Refunds are not cover under the following cases:
1. Your order did not arrive or lately deliver cause of your out of control (i.e. providing the incorrect shipping address)

 2. Your order did not arrive due to exceptional case outside the seller’s control (i.e. not cleared by customs, delayed by a natural disaster) 

3. Other exceptional case out of the control of Angkorworld.

4. Unauthorized charges by your bank account.

5. Public holidays are not included for Province and International Shipping.

Guaranteed Shop

Annual Warranty Shop Owner are available only for new shop subscriber purchased from Angkorworld.com. If an Annual Warranty subscription is available for shop owner that you're interested in covering, you'll earn at least 1000 audiences access to your store and 10 customers purchased your products or customers purchased 10 times.

Note: It's not available for free subscriptions or discount offer.